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Braulio Estima Seminar at GB West Ryde

Braulio Estima Seminar at GB West Ryde image

Professor Braulio Estima is coming to GB West Ryde for an incredible seminar!

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from one the greatest Gracie Barra competitors in history! Take a look at Prof. Braulio Estima's achievements:
- 3x IBJJF World Champion
- UAEJJF World Pro Champion
- ADCC Champion
- 3x IBJJF European Champion
- 3x IBJJF Pan Am Champion
- 3x IBJJF Worlds Silver Medallist
- ADCC Silver Medallist

Not to mention, Prof. Braulio Estima created the infamous Estima Lock with his brother, Prof. Victor Estima. They are only a handful of people to have a technique named after them! Prof. Braulio is the Head Instructor and Owner at Gracie Barra Birmingham in the UK!

Don't miss your chance to learn from a legend of Gracie Barra! Click here to save your spot at the event.